Customized apps for the media industry

Full featured & affordable. Get in touch to see a live demo including news, events, & dining-guides.

Beautiful, affordable & revenue-generating

A native mobile app system designed for newspapers, digital media, and broadcasters.

Native iPhone & Android

Native mobile apps, fast transitions, clean design and intuitive usability on both platforms.

Your Custom Brand

Your app is made with your brand, colors & images. It is whatever you want it to be.

Built in Monetization

Way beyond banners - your app brings multiple baked-in high value mobile revenue streams.


Collect photo and video submissions from readers and crowdsource event coverage in real-time.

Social Login & Sharing

Enhance your social media presence and help readers virally spread your brand.

Simple Administration

If you can use Wordpress, you can program your app. Your admin section is powered by Wordpress infrastructure.

Made for Media

This is an app built specifically for media outlets. Whether you are a newspaper, online publication, or broadcaster, this app will provide all the functionality you have been looking for - all at an incredibly affordable price.

  • User friendly design
  • Multiple Section & Article Types
  • Simple Administration
  • Built-in monetization

Crowdsourced Photo & Video Submissions

Collect photo & video submissions from citizen journalists & professionals. Issue individual or group assignments to crowdsource event coverage. Powered by the media acquisition platform and its network of 2,000+ media companies and 30,000+ reporters in 55+ countries.

  • Collect photo & video submissions
  • Create assignments to individuals or groups
  • Crowdsource event coverage
  • Hire professional photographers & cameramen

Mobile-first Revenue

Mobile revenue is very different than even web advertising - it is also much more lucrative. Your app provides an optimized revenue stream while maintaining an unobtrusive user experience.

Revenue generation is deeply integrated into the technology of the app and coupled with high-level partnerships in the mobile ecosystem thereby providing you with the highest value ad-units and partnership integrations that are optimized on a regular basis. All features are opt-in and you have full control of your experience.

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Become a Digital Native Overnight

Everything you need to make your media outlet successful on mobile

Cutting Edge Technology

Native code makes your app lightning fast, focus on usability makes it engaging, and availability on multiple platforms make it ubiquitus. Made by digital natives, for digital natives. Meticulously built, regularly maintained, and religiously updated.

Optimized Monetization

Your mobile app needs to have mobile-first monetization - this means high value advertising and multiple revenue streams. Our revenue team optimizes revenue daily to make sure you always have the highest CPMs available.

Dedicated Support

Everyone has questions and now you have a dedicated support team to find you answers. Whether you are experiencing technology problems, advertising questions, or strategy concerns, our support team is there to help.


Common questions about the app

How is this different from other offerings?

Mobilis is a native app made just for media. Everything from layout options, to article types, to revenue streams is customized just for your media organization. There is nothing like it in the market.

Can't we just build an app ourselves?

Apps are notoriously expensive to build and difficult to get right. To build an app from scratch, you will generally spend upwards of $50,000 and likely will not get the features you want. Also, don't forget the cost of creating multiple apps to service iOS and Android as well as the cost of maintenance, updates, & new feature releases - it really adds up. Mobilis comes at a fraction of the price and includes best practices of usability and functionality.

Why is a native app so important?

Anyone with a smart-phone will tell you the difference in experience between a native app and a mobile site - native is faster, slicker, and more usable. It is also searchable through the app store and appears in your home screen. This means your readers can find you and in the app store and download the app the way they expect. Accept no immitations - you need a native app on both iOS and Android.

Can we include our own branding?

Absolutely. This is YOUR app and it is customized with your colors, images, and styles.

We don't have a technology staff - can we handle this?

Yes. Mobilis is built with media in mind. The administration is simple enough for your most junior intern to handle and functions like systems you are used to. If you can use Wordpress, you can manage this app. No coding required.

The Mobilis mobile platform is made by - a toolset for connecting and monetizing media in the digital age. With 2,000+ media companies and 30,000+ reporters in 55+ countries, is dedicated to making media profitable.